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TUESDAY 28th Feb 2017




Mr Wolf's Pancakes  by Jan Fearnley   (Author)


Age Range:   3-5+ years



Mr Wolf's Pancakes Paperback  by Jan Fearnley   (Author)


Paperback: 32 pages

Age Range: 3 - 5 years


Publisher: Egmont;


A brilliantly funny take on well-loved fairy tales such as The 3 Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood from Jan Fearnley.


Join Mr Wolf in the kitchen as he gets into trouble while making pancakes! Mr Wolf fancies some tasty pancakes but he doesn’t know how to make them. Asking his neighbours is no use – they’re a mean and horrible lot who refuse to help. Poor Mr Wolf. He has to work it out, all by himself. So what happens when those nasty neighbours want to help Mr Wolf eat his delicious pancakes . . .?


 Jan Fearnley’s Mr Wolf stories are perennially popular with children who love to share read-aloud stories. Mr Wolf’s Pancakes is packed with enough fun and humour to have young readers howling with laughter. The perfect pancake day picture book for kids aged 3 and up.

Monday 27th Feb 2017




HAPPY by Williams, Pharrell


Age Range:   0-3+ years



HAPPY by Williams, Pharrell

Age: 3+

Board book: 30 pages

Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers


Grammy Award winner Pharrell Williams's super-hit song Happy is now a board book Nominated for an Academy Award, "Happy" was the best-selling song of 2014 in the United Kingdom, and has topped the charts in more than seventy-five countries worldwide.


 Now Pharrell Williams brings his beloved song to the youngest of readers in photographs of children across cultures celebrating what it means to be happy. All the exuberance of the song pulses from these vibrant photographs of excited, happy kids. This is a picture book full of memorable, precious childhood moments that will move readers in the same way they were moved by the song.


 "Happy" has had the world dancing ever since it first hit the airwaves, and now the irresistibly cheerful tune will come to life on the page with Pharrell Williams's very first picture book! A keepsake and true classic in the making.






Sunday, 26th Feb 2017



Betty Goes Bananas  Written and illustrated  by Steve Antony


Age Range:    3+ years







Betty Goes Bananas  Written and illustrated  by Steve Antony


Paperback: 32 pages

Age Range: 3  - 5 years

Publisher: OUP Oxford


WARNING! This will have you in stitches if you have ever, EVER encountered a toddler having one of those days. Betty Goes Bananas, picture book from Steve Antony


Families everywhere will laugh out loud at Betty's brilliantly observed tantrums in this hilarious picture book. Who would have thought a banana could cause such a BIG drama?


Saturday 25th Feb 2017




Once Upon an Alphabet Hardcover  by Oliver Jeffers  


Age Range:    3+ years



Once Upon an Alphabet Hardcover  by Oliver Jeffers   (Author, Illustrator)


Hardcover: 112 pages

Age Range: 3 years and up

Publisher: HarperCollinsChildren'sBooks



Shortlisted for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal 2016.


Award-winning illustrator Oliver Jeffers has created an outstanding alphabet book which goes far beyond the traditional expectations of such a book. In additional to each letter having its own, beautiful Oliver Jeffers illustration, every letter has its own mini-short story in which the particular letter features extensively.


Ten years after the publication of his first book, How to Catch a Star, Oliver Jeffers delivers a new and exciting picture book as he follows the alphabet creating a short story for each letter, complete with his highly original and entertaining illustrations.


The letters of our alphabet work tirelessly to make words that in turn make stories, but what if there was a story FOR each of the letters instead? Turn the pages of this exquisite book to find out...


Here you will discover twenty-six short stories introducing a host of new characters (plus the occasional familiar face). From Edmund the astronaut with his awkward fear of heights, via the dynamic new investigative duo of the Owl and the Octopus, through to the Zeppelin that just might get Edmund a little bit closer to where he needs to be, this book is packed with funny, thrilling, perilous and above all entertaining tales inspired by every letter in the alphabet.




Friday 24th Feb 2017




Peep Inside The Zoo Board book  by Anna Milbourne   (Author)    Simona Dimitri (Illustrator)

AGES 0-3


Peep Inside The Zoo Board book  by Anna Milbourne   (Author),    Simona Dimitri (Illustrator)


Board book: 14 pages

AGES 0-3

Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd


Peep under leaves and behind doors to see the animals in the zoo in this delightful flap book for young children. With flaps and holes to peep underneath and through, noisy parrots, cheeky monkeys, very tall giraffes and lots more are revealed. Snippets of information are combined with intriguing and stylish pictures. Sure to become a firm favourite for young animal lovers

Thursday 23rd Feb 2017




The Magnificent Moon Hare

by Sue Monroe   (Author),    Birgitta Sif   (Illustrator)

Age Range: 7 - 9 years


The Magnificent Moon Hare Paperback by Sue Monroe   (Author),    Birgitta Sif   (Illustrator)


Paperback: 208 pages

Age Range: 7 - 9 years

Publisher: Jelly Pie


The fabulous first book in an enchanting new comedy series about a magical Moon Hare. A future classic, perfect for fans of Roald Dahl.


‘I want fun and games and jokes and tricks and lots of fantastic STUFF!’ P.J. Petulant likes presents, crisps and getting her own way. But the pampered princess gets more than she bargains for when the magnificent Moon Hare whisks her off on a breathtaking adventure. With the help of Sandra the dragon (who’s actually a boy), can P.J. rescue her father, King Winston, before he has his head cut off?


Sue Monroe is a fresh voice in children’s books who will appeal to fans of the great Roald Dahl. The Magnificent Moon Hare is packed with wacky characters, quirky plot twists and a general feast for the imagination.

Wednesday 22nd Feb 2017




I Can Only Draw Worms Paperback  by Will Mabbitt   (Author, Illustrator)


Age Range: 3 - 5 years


I Can Only Draw Worms Paperback  by Will Mabbitt   (Author, Illustrator)


Paperback: 32 pages

Age Range: 3 - 5 years

Publisher: Puffin


This book is about worms. I can only draw worms.


You might think worms are boring - but you'd be wrong. These worms have INCREDIBLE adventures!


I can't draw those bits, though, so you'll have to imagine them.


A hilarious and superbly silly book that will have children in stitches and begging for more.

Tuesday 21st Feb 2017




The Lost Gods

by Francesca Simon




The Lost Gods by Francesca Simon

8-11 year

256 pages

Publisher: Profile Books Ltd


Longlisted for the Guardian Children's Fiction Book Award 2014  Best-selling Francesca Simon tells a second hilarious story about what happens when the Norse gods turn up in a very 21st century London. Having been involved in saving the gods from extinction in The Sleeping Army, Freya helps again. This time the gods are seeking celebrity fame and success but Freya needs them for a more urgent task. All around the ice is melting. Can Freya distract the gods from the worlds of footballers and models and get the gods to stop it?


In Sleeping Army, Freya went to Hel and back. She fought dragons, fled fire and outwitted giants - all to restore eternal youth to the Norse Gods. But now they're back, does anyone care? The Gods' popularity on earth is waning, and without regular worship, their powers are fading fast and their ancient enemies, the Frost Giants, are stirring. So the Gods hatch a plan - they'll come back down to earth, and they'll pursue a very different kind of popularity. They're going to become celebrities. A rollicking, thrilling and hilarious ride, The Lost Gods takes up where the Sleeping Army left off and takes us back to Simon's brilliantly-imagined modern Norse England.

This is a new paperback instalment in the second 8-11 year series from the mega-bestselling author of Horrid Henry.

18th Feb 2017




Radio Boy by Christian O'Connell




Paperback: 368 pages

Age Range: 8 years and up

Publisher: HarperCollinsChildren's Books


February 2017 Debut of the Month Award-winning broadcaster Christian O’Connell’s hugely entertaining debut novel is power charged! Shocked when he is sacked from his dream job as presenter of hospital radio, eleven year old Spike is determined to find some other way to broadcast. Helped by Holly and Artie, his friends from the school AV club, Spike creates his very own radio station. Reinventing himself as ‘Radio Boy’, Spike uses his broadcasting skills to make himself the super hero he longs to be. Soon he is leading his school in revolt against its head teacher. But maybe even a super hero can go too far? ~ Julia Eccleshare

17th Feb 2017






Neon Leon (Hardcover) 

by Jane Clarke (Author)  Britta Teckentrup




Age Range 3-5 years

32 pages

Publisher: Nosy Crow Ltd


Everyone knows that chameleons are the best at fitting in. But not Leon. Leon is neon! In fact, he's SO bright that he keeps all the other chameleons awake at night. But poor Leon is lonely, so he goes off in search of somewhere he can blend in. In this delightful interactive book, filled with vibrant neon artwork, children can help Leon on his journey by counting his steps, sending him to sleep and giving him lots of reassurance when he's feeling down. But will he ever find a place he can fit in...?

16th Feb 2017







Treasury of Curious George by H. A. Rey   (Author),    Margret Rey   (Author)


Age Range: 4 - 7 years

208 pages

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company;


Curious George has found a lasting place in the hearts of millions of boys and girls all over the world ever since he was brought to life by Margret and H.A. Rey more than sixty years ago. Here you will find eight timeless stories about George, the man with the yellow hat, and their friends.


Curious George is the main protagonist of a series of popular children's books by the same name, written by Hans Augusto Rey and Margret Rey. The books feature a curious brown monkey named George, who is brought from his home in Africa by "The Man with The Yellow Hat" to live with him in a big city.


When the first story, Cecily G. and the Nine Monkeys was published in France in 1939, George was named Fifi. In the United Kingdom, George was originally called "Zozo" in 1941, apparently to avoid using the name of the then King George VI for a monkey. Books featuring the adventures of Curious George have been translated from the original French into many other languages in addition to English. The books have been adapted into several television series and films.


Margret and H.A. Rey released seven "Curious George" books during H.A. Rey's lifetime. More recently, more Curious George books have been released by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt including board books with scenes from the original books, books adapted from the 1980s telefilm series, and new adventures.


The "Original Adventures", these original seven titles by the series creators, Margret & H.A. Rey.

Curious George (1941)

Curious George Takes a Job (1947)

Curious George Rides a Bike (1952)

Curious George Gets a Medal (1957)

Curious George Flies a Kite (1958)

Curious George Learns the Alphabet (1963)

Curious George Goes to the Hospital (1966)


Before appearing in his own series, Curious George appeared as a character in another children's book written and illustrated by H.A. Rey, Cecily G. and the Nine Monkeys (1939).

15th Feb 2017












Goodnight Tractor Paperback  by Michelle Robinson   (Author),    Nick East (Illustrator)


Paperback: 32 pages

Age Range: 2 - 4 years

Publisher: Puffin


A little boy says goodnight to all his toys, but who is the favourite? Why, it's Tractor of course! With a rhyming text, atmospheric illustrations and plenty of animal sounds to join in with, Goodnight Tractor will help your children go to bed and stay there.

14th Feb 2017



2 years to Infinity


Guess How Much I Love You Sam McBratney illustrated by Anita Jeram


32 pages

Interest Age: From 2 to infinity


I make no apologies for choosing this book as Book of the Day today, Valentines Day


Sometimes, when you love someone very, very much, you want to find a way of describing how much you treasure them. But, as Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare discover, love is not always an easy thing to measure. The story of Little and Big Nutbrown Hares' efforts to express their love for each other has become a publishing phenomenon. This lovely board book edition is one that children will ask for time and again.

13th February 2017


2-5 Years

The Tickle Book by Ian Whybrow   (Author),    Axel Scheffler (Illustrator)


Board book: 12 pages

Age Range: 2-5 years

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books


Look out - there's a Ticklemonster about! And he's off to tickle all his animal friends, from the pigs on the farm to penguins at the zoo. Join Tom and Bear as they follow him on his adventures, but watch out - you might get tickled too!


This fun board book features a laugh-out-loud text by Ian Whybrow that is full of witty rhymes and silly scenarios, and illustrations by Axel Scheffler, illustrator of The Gruffalo. Bursting with funny details, The Tickle Book has a flap to lift on every page, so children can join in the fun!


Also from Axel Scheffler and Ian Whybrow: The Bedtime Bear and The Christmas Bear.

12th Feb 2017


4-8 Years


Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson

Picture book: 68 pages

Age Range: 4 - 8 years

Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books


One of the launch titles in the amazing new Essential Picture Book Classics list from HarperCollins, this book is full of funny twists and surprises as young Harold draws himself some wonderful adventures. A collectable classic picture book that every child should read and own. Maurice Sendak says Harold is a masterpiece . One night, after thinking it over for some time, Harold decided to go for a walk in the moonlight. Armed only with an oversized purple crayon, Harold draws himself a landscape full of beauty and excitement. He conducts his adventure with the utmost care, letting his imagination run free, but keeping his wits about him all the while. This magical journey gives us the wondrous sense that anything is possible. This joyful story has delighted readers of all ages for over fifty years. Essential Picture Book Classics - timeless stories for every child to treasure.

11th Feb 2017


7-9 Years


Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein


Hardcover: 192 pages

Age Range: 7 - 9 years

Publisher: Particular Books


If you are a dreamer, come in, If you are a dreamer, A wisher, a liar, A hope-er, a pray-er, A magic bean buyer ...Come in ...for where the sidewalk ends, Shel Silverstein's world begins. You'll meet a boy who turns into a TV set, and a girl who eats a whale. The Unicorn and the Bloath live there, and so does Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout who will not take the garbage out. It is a place where you wash your shadow and plant diamond gardens, a place where shoes fly, sisters are auctioned off, and crocodiles go to the dentist. Shel Silverstein's masterful collection of poems and drawings is at once outrageously funny and profound.

9th Feb 2017


9-12 Years



Little Stars (Hetty Feather) - Jacqueline Wilson


9-12 Years Old

512 Pages

Publisher Corgi Children’s


Jaqueline Wilson is up there as one of the best writers as far as I am concerned. Even though I am not her target audience I could read her books 24/7 and still want more. It is difficult to select just one, but I have for now. There will be more in weeks to come.


Hetty Feather has begun a new chapter in her life story. Escaping from Tanglefield’s Travelling Circus with her dearest friend Diamond, Hetty is determined to find them positions as glamorous music hall artistes.


Hetty and Diamond quickly become the Little Stars of Mrs Ruby’s show, alongside many colourful acts – including an old friend from Hetty’s past, Flirty Bertie. But the Cavalcade proves a dangerous place, and Hetty must fight to protect her darling Diamond, who longs for a normal childhood. Meanwhile, Hetty struggles to understand her feelings for Bertie – and for Jem, whom she has never forgotten.


Hetty dreams of a glittering future for herself and Diamond. The bright lights of the London theatre world beckon – will Hetty become a true star?


Starring a cast of wonderful characters, both old favourites and new, this is the fifth fabulous Hetty Feather story.

7th Feb 2017


9-12 Years


The 78-Storey Treehouse (The Treehouse Books) by Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton


Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

384 pages

9-12 Year olds


The 78-Storey Treehouse is the sixth book in Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton's wacky treehouse adventures, where the laugh-out-loud story is told through a combination of text and fantastic cartoon-style illustrations.

Join Andy and Terry in their spectacular new 78-storey treehouse. They've added 13 new levels including a drive-thru car wash, a combining machine, a scribbletorium, an ALL-BALL sports stadium, Andyland, Terrytown, a high-security potato chip storage facility and an open-air movie theatre. Well, what are you waiting for? Come on up!


The others in the series are: The 13-Storey Treehouse,  The 26-Storey Treehouse The 39-Storey Treehouse, The 52-Storey Treehouse, The 65-Storey Treehouse



6th Feb 2017


5 Years


Goodnight Spaceman (Goodnight 6)

by Michelle Robinson   (Author),    Nick East (Illustrator),    Tim Peake (Reader)

Age Range: 3 - 5 years

Publisher: Puffin


With a recording of the story read by ESA astronaut Tim Peake, from the International Space Station!


Inspired by Tim and his sons, and featuring an introduction from the astronaut, this is the perfect bedtime book, and the first bedtime story ever to be recorded in space!


Two space-mad little boys get ready for bed and say goodnight to their toy rockets, launch pads and planet mobiles, before being whisked away into space on an adventure beyond their wildest dreams . . .


Tim Peake is the first official British ESA astronaut. He left Earth on 15th December 2015 to begin a six month long mission aboard the International Space Station. His time in space has been watched by millions and he is inspiring a new generation of explorers, adventurers and questioners.


Goodnight Spaceman is the sixth book in Michelle Robinson and Nick East's beloved series. Look out for Goodnight Digger, Goodnight Tractor, Goodnight Princess, Goodnight Pirate and Goodnight Santa too!


5th Feb 2017


3+ Years


 Hilda and the Runaway Baby by Daisy Hirst

3-5 Year old Picture Book

32 Pages Published by Walker Books

In her truly authentic and original voice, Daisy Hirst, creator of Alphonse, That Is Not OK To Do! introduces two loveable new characters to the picture book world: Hilda and the Runaway Baby. Hilda the pot-bellied pig lives at the foot of a hill. Life is uneventful and she is always where she expects herself to be. At the top of the hill lives a mischievous baby who is never ever where people expect him to be . which is why he is known as the Runaway Baby. But on a high-speed escapade in a pram, the Runaway Baby and Hilda's worlds collide ... and an unlikely friendship begins.


4th Feb 2017


3+ Years


When Grandad Was a Penguin by Morag Hood 32 Pages



A hilarious and touching swapping places story from the creator of Colin and Lee, Carrot and Pea, Morag Hood.


What do you do when your Grandad starts acting VERY much like a penguin? Find out in this brilliantly funny and heartwarming story from talented author and illustrator, Morag Hood. Boys and girls alike will love Morag's witty, sweet and brilliantly surreal depiction of everyday settings and situations in this fish-out-of-water story with a difference.


Morag's lino cut artwork is gorgeously bold and stylish and her illustrative talent and keen eye for design won her a place as runner up in The Macmillan Prize for Illustration.


When Grandad was a Penguin is perfect for sharing with children (and grandads) young and old, and its beautifully debossed hardback cover and extra-special high quality paper make this an excellent gift for penguin lovers.


Publisher: Two Hoots  (26 Jan. 2017)

When I was a lad at school around 13 years old, our Maths teacher used to call me Wol. At the end of the year as we were moving up a class I plucked up courage to ask why he called me Wol. He told meit was thename of the deslexic owl in Winnie the Pooh. With my Harry Potter glasses he said I looked like the Wise Old Owl in the Winnie the Pooh stories.


Being the vain person I am I took it as a compliment

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