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By Phil Robinson


Poppy Spider’s Big Day Out

Poppy Spider lived in Mr and Mrs Baggybum’s bathroom. Every morning Mrs Baggybum had a shower. Every morning Poppy Spider dangled from the ceiling in front of Mrs Baggybum’s nose. But Mrs Baggybum  was so asleep she never saw Poppy Spider. Until one morning…

“Eeeeeeeeek!!!’ Screamed Mrs Baggybum. “Help! There’s a huge black spider.”

Mr Baggybum ran up stairs to save Mrs Baggybum. He bravely caught Poppy Spider. He was about to throw her out of the window. But she escaped and landed in the toilet “plop!”

Quicker than the quickest person to flush a toilet, he flushed the toilet.

 “Pooh!” Poor Poppy Spider. She was flushed down the dark, dark toilet where all the poohs go. She was wet and “Pooh!”, so smelly.

“Help! I don’t like it.” Spluttered Poppy Spider.

At the bottom she scrambled onto a bit of dry ground. She dried herself off and looked around.

She wanted to get back to her mum in the bathroom.

In the distance shone some daylight.

There was an open drain leading up to the garden. Poppy Spider popped up the drain just as Harry Baggybum came out the front door with his dad. Poppy Spider jumped on to Harry’s trousers.

Harry climbed in his dad’s car.

 “Have you got your lunch for school?” Harry’s dad asked.

Harry opened up his red lunch box to check.

Poppy Spider became excited when she heard the word lunch and ran to look in the lunch box.

Harry did not see her jump into the box. He pressed the lid down. “Snap! Bang! Wallop! Closed!”

“Yes, Daddy Baggybum,” he said, “All there.”

“Help I don’t like it.” Cried Poppy Spider.

When Harry ran into school, Poppy Spider was tossed about in the lunch box with the sandwich, apple and cereal bar. She was almost squashed.

Everywhere was dark. Poppy Spider liked black dark. But not this red dark.

“Help! I don’t like it.” Cried Poppy Spider.

In class Harry felt hungry. He knew it was naughty but he secretly opened his lunchbox and took a bite of sandwich. He hoped the teacher did not see him.

Poppy spider quickly jumped out of the lunch box.

The teacher showed the children how to do sums. Poppy Spider is a very intelligent spider. She has eight legs. She found it easy to add two legs plus two legs. But she could not count five plus five. Just not enough legs.

Suddenly the teacher saw Poppy Spider.

“Eeeeeeeeek!!!’ Screamed the teacher  “Help! There’s a huge black spider.”

Poppy Spider decided she should get out of there fast. She popped into someone’s bag and hid in the black dark amongst the books. 

“Help! I don’t like it.” Cried Poppy Spider

At home time Imrhan picked up his bag where  Poppy Spider was hiding. He climbed on to the school bus. Poppy Spider finally felt it was safe to explore.

The bus had so many windows. Poppy had always been taught by her mum that windows needed web curtains. Poppy Spider began spinning webs to make gorgeous curtains for the windows.

As she worked on the window a little girl saw her and screamed.

“Eeeeeeeeek!!!’ Screamed the little girl. “Help! There’s a huge black spider.”

 A teacher opened a window and shooed Poppy Spider out.

Out Poppy Spider went roly, poly, sommersaulty, sommersaulty, off the bus and on to a passing tractor and trailer full of lettuces.

Poppy Spider lay in between the cool green lettuce leaves.

“Help! I don’t like it.” Cried Poppy Spider.

 She so wanted her mum but she knew she was going so far away from her. She would never see her again. She began to cry, lots and lots.

The tractor came to a stop.

Poppy Spider heard human voices.

“Hello Mr Savealot. Farmer Smellyboots here. I’ve brought the lettuces for you to sell in your supermarket.”

Poppy Spider peeped between the leaves. She saw a great big hand coming straight for her lettuce. She scampered back between the leaves.

“Help! I don’t like it.” Cried Poppy Spider

A lady placed the lettuce with Poppy Spider in it, in a supermarket trolley with all her other shopping.

The leaves of the lettuce kept Poppy Spider safe like a comfy blankets on your bed.

“Beep!” went the check out till as the lettuce was put through.

After a short car journey the lady began unpacking her shopping. Poppy Spider scurried out of the lettuce on to the kitchen work surface. The smells, sounds and sights were very familiar to her. Suddenly Poppy Spider realised she was in Mrs Baggybum’s kitchen.

“I’ve bought a brand new shower gel. Smells beautiful” Said Mrs Baggybum to Harry. “I’ll just go and have a shower to make myself beautiful. Then, I’ll make tea.”

Mrs Baggybum picked up the pink tube of gel. She did not noticing  Poppy Spider wrapped up in a ball and hiding under the top.

Mrs Baggybum went into the shower room. Poppy Spider jumped from the shower gel and scampered to the ceiling.

 “Mum, I never thought I’d see you again.”  She gave her a great big eight leg hug.

“Oh, Mum.” Cried Poppy Spider.

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere.” Said her mum. “Where have you been? We’ve got a lovely juicy fly for tea.”

“Yummy” Said Poppy Spider. “But I have something to do first.”

She dropped from the ceiling on a strand of her web like spider-man. Right in front of Mrs Baggybum’s nose.

“Eeeeeeeeek!!!” Screamed Mrs Baggybum. “Help! There’s a huge black spider!”

By Phil Robinson

© 2017 – Phil Robinson

When I was a lad at school around 13 years old, our Maths teacher used to call me Wol. At the end of the year as we were moving up a class I plucked up courage to ask why he called me Wol. He told meit was thename of the deslexic owl in Winnie the Pooh. With my Harry Potter glasses he said I looked like the Wise Old Owl in the Winnie the Pooh stories.


Being the vain person I am I took it as a compliment

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