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POST 034





Tupence Goose normally giggled all day every day at everything. But today she woke up and she was sad. She could not find her giggle anywhere.


"Where's my giggle?" she said.


Tupence Gosse's giggle is fat and long. It goes up and down and in and out. It goes soft. And quiet as a mouse And roars like a lion And it has a twirly bit right at the end.


She looked every where for it. She looked under her bed but it was not there. She looked in her bed. It was not there. She looked in the kitchen cupboard. It was not there. It was not in her toy box.


"Where's my giggle?" she said, horrified.


At that moment she heard the wind angrily rattling at the window.


"Mr Wind do stop rattling.


"Where's my giggle?" she said


" I bet you stole my giggle when you blew my hat off yesterday!" said Tupence Goose.


" It's not here, my dear. "I do love giggles." Howled the wind. " I love to fill the clouds with them. Sometimes I even carry them to the stars and give the star an extra twinkle. But I've not had yours. Try the circus tent. The clown likes a giggle."


Off Tupence Goose waddled to the big circus tent that stood on the village green.


A clown popped out of a cardboard box making Tupence Goose jump. But she could not giggle.


" Where's my giggle? I've lost my giggle. Can you help?" Asked Tupence Goose.


The wind howled with laughter as he blew through the tent and blew the clown's huge red nose away.


"I have a large sack full of laughs. I'm only interested in laughs.” Said the clown. “ People are so careless with their laughs. I'll just see if I picked up a giggle by mistake."


He opened up the sack and a roar of laughter could be heard and a few chuckles.. The clown searched through the laughs.


"No, it's not here, my dear. But there are lots of laughs. Would you like a laugh."


"That is kind of you." Said Tupence Goose "But I have my laugh and it is not quite the same as a good giggle."


"Why not see if you can buy a new one at the supermarket? Suggested the clown..

"What a splendid idea." Said Tupence Goose.


She waddled her bottoms as she sped off to the supermarket.


The wind chased her.  It followed her in to the supermarket with a whoosh rattling boxes.


"Sorry." Said the Checkout Lady as the wind mischievously tickled her nose. "Your giggle’s not here, my dear.”


“May I buy one, please?” Asked Tuppence.


“Sorry, we do not sell giggles. There's no call for them round here. No one has time for a giggle.


“May be the dark night stole it.” Said the Checkout Lady in a spooky voice and staring at Tuppence with huge eyes. Tupence was scared and ran outside.


Outside it was just beginning to get dark.


The dark crept up on Tupence. The wind howled with laughter.


"Hello Tupence. Lost your giggle have you?" Asked Dark Night.


"Y...Y...Yes!" Said Tupence a little scared.


"Well, its not here, my dear. I like to tease people and steal giggles turning them into screams. But I have never managed it with you. My friend the wind will have it. He collects giggles."


"Whee!" said the wind rustling the leaves on the trees. "Not me, my dear!"


“Me and the wind like to play lots of tricks on you and everyone else.” Said the Dark Night. But when we do you always catch the bus. Did you leave your giggle on the bus?”


“I'd best check at the Lost Property Office where any thing left on the bus is taken.” Said Tuppence Goose.


To be continued...

POST 033



The  Lost Property Office lady showed Tupence all the  many things that had been left on the bus. There were umbrellas, coats scarves, bags, handbags, smelly socks, half eaten sandwiches, a pair of underpants and even someone's old grandad. There were lots of giggles too, but not Tupence Goose's Giggle.


"Oh and a smile, left by someone." said the lady, " but sadly that's been here so long its started to go off a bit and is turning into a frown."


"It's definitely not here, my dear"


The Lost Property Lady gathered some library books together.

“ Try the library. The lady at the library was telling me only yesterday that people are always leaving their giggles there. Her giggle cupboard is so full, the giggles are all escaping into the library.


"Would you mind just dropping these library books off when you go to see her. They are ones passengers have left on the bus."


Tupence Goose waddled to the library with the books under her wing.


She was so sad. She was sure she would never, ever find her giggle again.

"Oh, there you are!" Howled the wind. "I'd lost you and found you in the Lost Property Office."


The library lady was so pleased to get her books back.


"I've lost my giggle." Said Tupence Goose. "Have you seen it anywhere?"


"it's not here, my dear," replied the Library Lady.


"But just a minute, go and get the last library books you borrowed from the shelf," said the Library Lady.


Tupence Goose knew exactly what they were and waddled to pick them up and take them to the Library Lady.


The library Lady carefully opened each page. But then someone opened the door and the wind rushed in and blew lots of pages over at the same time.




He blew the page open at page 22.


Suddenly without warning Tupence Goose burst into a huge giggle.


It was fat and long. It went up and down and in and out. It went soft. And quiet as a mouse And roared like a lion And it had a twirly bit right at the end.


"There's your giggle." Said the Library Lady. "It was hiding in this book all the time. You can usually find everything in books."


Tupence Goose just giggled and giggled and...GIGGLED!


And the wind stopped howling and began giggled too.


The Library Lady giggled as she stamped the book.


Tupence took it home. She made sure she never left another giggle in a book again ... ever.



©2017 Phil Robinson


When I was a lad at school around 13 years old, our Maths teacher used to call me Wol. At the end of the year as we were moving up a class I plucked up courage to ask why he called me Wol. He told meit was thename of the deslexic owl in Winnie the Pooh. With my Harry Potter glasses he said I looked like the Wise Old Owl in the Winnie the Pooh stories.


Being the vain person I am I took it as a compliment

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