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(Part 1)


Big Billy Blue Bus looked out to sea over the sandy beach. He knew he was one cool bus. A blue Old Bill, double decker bus. His mission was running round the seaside town of Tumity-tum on Sea every day. Once every hour, he carried holidaymakers and local people to wherever they wanted to go. He gave them all a brilliant time.


His best mate, driver Joe polished the lens on Big Billy Blue Bus’ spectacles that clipped over his bonnet  enabling his headlamp eyes to see more clearly in the light and dark.


“Dink Bong” Rang Big Billy Blue Bus’ bell.


“Blurb!” went his hooter


 “What’s wrong?” Asked  Joe the Driver. “Why isn’t your bell saying ‘Ding Dong’ and your hooter ‘Tooty Tooty’?”


“Because I am so tired.” Said Big Billy Blue Bus and he gave a massive yawn.


“Why are you so tired?”


“Because the Easter Bunny came last night and asked  me to take him around Tummity-tum on Sea to hide the Easter eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt later today.”


“Ah, that explains the Easter eggs hidden under the seats. But you’d better wake up quickly we have to pick up passengers for the Big Billy Blue Bus Easter Bonnet Bonanza on the sea front. I thought you’d be excited.”


“I am really.” Said Big Billy Blue Bus.


Ding” Rang his bell, “Toot” went his hooter and Big Billy Blue Bus and Joe the Driver set off to pick up all the children and take them round Tummity-Tum on Sea. Not just once but twice, today. First time for the Easter Egg Hunt. Second time to show off their Easter bonnets.


The first to be picked up as usual were Sam and Lucy Custard. The children of Mrs and Mr Custard. The owners of Tummity-tum on Sea Café. They had Easter bonnets that were in the shape of great big custard cakes with Easter eggs on top and chickens peeking out the eggs.


“Wow. Your bonnets make me feel so excited.” Big Billy Blue Bus said to Sam and Lucy.


“We are excited too. “ said Lucy. “Do you think we will win the prize for the best Easter bonnet?”


“You have every chance” said Big Billy Blue Bus


“Ding Dong” Rang Big Billy Blue Bus’ bell. “Tooty Tooty” went his hooter.


“I’m looking forward to the Easter Egg hunt.” Said Sam.


Big Billy Blue Bus carried on his route picking up passengers for the Big Billy Blue Bus Best Bonnet Bonanza and of course the Easter Egg Hunt.


At Farmer Duckbill’s stop the farmer’s children Dora and Dan boarded with their mum. Dora had a nest of chickens as a bonnet. But the chickens were real ones. Dan had a lamb shaped bonnet but that was not real.


“Hold very tightly.” Shouted Joe the Driver. But just as Big Billy Blue Bus was about to pull away from the bus stop Mother Hen came out and hopped on the bus. Then lots more chickens did the same. They had seen the chickens in Dora’s bonnet and wanted to join in the adventure.


And then lots more Mother Hens came racing after the chicks and hopped on Big Billy Blue Bus.


“My, what a Easter bus you are today” Said  Joe the Driver. “Full of Easter chicks.


“They are tickling me with their tiny feet” said Big Billy Blue Bus


 “Ding Dong” Rang his bell. “Tooty Tooty” went his hooter.


“Cluck very loudly” He said instead of “Hold very tightly” and gave a little laugh at his own joke.


The last stop was the Magic Shop. Iggy Izzy was waiting to join the “Easter Bonnet Bonanza”.


“My Easter Bonnet is a special magician’s hat.” He told Big Billy Blue Bus and Joe the Driver .


“Wow!” said Big Billy Blue Bus. “Look!”


A rabbit popped out of the hat. But this was no ordinary magician’s rabbit.


“Hi there, folks” the rabbit said. He was white, big and as tall as a man and had long loppy ears.


“I’m the Easter Bunny.”


“Ding Dong,” Rang Big Billy Blue Bus’ bell. “Tooty Tooty” went his hooter.


“Welcome aboard Easter Bunny. I’m so excited.” he said.







(Part 2)






“Welcome aboard Easter Bunny. I’m so excited.” he said.


“We are going on a Easter Egg Hunt” said Easter Bunny. “Big Billy Blue Bus will drive around town and at each bus stop there’s eggs hidden. We will all get off and search for them and bring them onto Big Billy Blue Bus. But don’t forget to get back on the bus.”


“I’m so excited. Just imagine, me, carrying the valuable cargo of all those eggs” Said Big Billy Blue Bus.


“I hope there’ll be enough room for me to sit and drive” Said Joe the Driver


 “And when we are finished” said Easter Bunny, “and arrive at the Tummity-tum on Sea’s pier, I will judge the Easter bonnet competition with this huge chocolate egg as first prize.”


“Look” said Sam, “It’s massive. It must be a metre high.”


“It’s almost as big as me. If I won it I couldn’t even pick it up!” yelled his sister Lucy.


“I hope I win” said Joe the Driver.


“You won’t win” said Big Billy Blue Bus, “You don’t deserve to win. You’ve only got your drivers’ cap with a real live chicken standing on top. You’ve not put any effort in to that.”


“Ding Dong” Rang Big Billy Blue Bus’ bell. “Tooty Tooty” went his hooter.


Gradually as he went around town Big Billy Blue Bus filled with eggs. Easter Bunny made a mountain of them in the middle of the top deck and put the huge prize egg on top.


The hens became so excited they laid lots more eggs too. They laid them under seats in the overhead parcel racks and under the stairs. Even in Joe the Driver’s cab.


The Easter Bunny was mad about eggs and loved seeking the hen’s eggs out and adding them to his mountain.


As the hens finished laying they were so exhausted they made their way to Big Billy Blue Bus’ open top deck. They perched round the edge of Big Billy Blue Bus’ top. Some perched on the heads of passengers in their Easter bonnets. They made the Easter bonnets look more Eastery. And it really made passengers laugh. Some hens perched on passengers’ shoulders making them look like pirates with hens instead of parrots.


Then all the chickens snuggled up to their mums and went to sleep too.


“Ding Dong” Rang Big Billy Blue Bus’ bell. “Tooty Tooty” went his hooter.


“We’re at the pier. Come on Easter Bunny, do your thing. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to know who has the winning Easter Bonnet” Tooted Big Billy Blue Bus.


“I hope it’s me” said Sam dancing and shouting. “It must be me. My bonnet is best.”


Easter Bunny slowly he looked at every bonnet. Stepping back and stepping forward to get the best view. He made notes on his clipboard.  He scored each and everyone out of 100, even Joe the Driver, sadly giving him just one for entering.


Then Easter Bunny stood on the top of Big Billy Blue Bus


“Ding Dong” Rang Big Billy Blue Bus’ bell. “Tooty Tooty” went his hooter.


“Attention please. Everyone listen up to Easter Bunny’s important announcement.” Big Billy Blue Bus said.


Easter Bunny picked up the microphone and began to speak:


“I have judge the Tummity-tum on Sea Easter Bonnet Bonanza. It has not been easy. I have never seen so many brilliant bonnets. But there has to be a winner…”


He opened up a golden envelope and took out the card.


“…And the winner is…” Big Billy Blue Bus gave a roll on the drums.


“…Big Billy Blue Bus!”


There was a massive gasp from the passengers.


“Ding Dong” Rang Big Billy Blue Bus’ bell. “Tooty Tooty” went his hooter, twice no reapeatedly.


“Hold very tightly” shouted Joe the Driver all excited.


“I wanted to win” screamed Sam.


“Shhh!” said Mrs Custard to him.


“I present you, Big Billy Blue Bus with the massive chocolate egg and a special winners’ medal” announced Easter Bunny.


“You see,” explained Easter Bunny, “all that could see on top of Big Billy Blue Bus was the passenger’s Easter bonnets along with hens, chickens and the huge Easter egg mountain. So it looked like Big Billy Blue Bus was wearing the biggest and best Easter Bonnet in the world. I could not award first prize to anyone else.”


“Thank you said Big Billy Blue Bus but I shall share it with all my passengers and Joe the Driver.


“Ding Dong”Rang Big Billy Blue Bus’ bell. “Tooty Tooty” went his hooter.


“Wow thank you, Billy. You’re the kindest Blue Bus, ever.”


That night Big Billy Blue Bus and Joe the driver were even later getting to bed. There was so many hen and chicken feathers to clear up, broken eggs to gather and chocolate to eat.


“Ding Dong” Rang Big Billy Blue Bus’ bell. “Tooty Tooty” went his hooter.


“But what an exciting day” said Big Billy Blue Bus.


“Hold very tightly” said Joe the Driver. “In the end the best Blue Bus won the Bonnet Bonanza.”


Author note: No chickens, hens or bunnies were harmed in the writing of this story, only Sam Custard’s ego because he did not win. Poor Sam.


© Phil Robinson


© Phil Robinson


When I was a lad at school around 13 years old, our Maths teacher used to call me Wol. At the end of the year as we were moving up a class I plucked up courage to ask why he called me Wol. He told meit was thename of the deslexic owl in Winnie the Pooh. With my Harry Potter glasses he said I looked like the Wise Old Owl in the Winnie the Pooh stories.


Being the vain person I am I took it as a compliment

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