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Day 16  only 9 SLEEPS TO GO


3.             Christmas Track:                                                 Christmas Lights - Coldplay

4.             Christmas Carol: The Holly and The Ivy

5.             Christmas Film:   Scrooged

6.             Something to Prepare:       

Have a day to ensure you get that special one in your life the best card Christmas card evere and the best Christmas present ever

7.             Children's Christmas Picture Book: One Snowy Night - Nick Butterworth

8.             Children's Christmas Paprtback:      The Christmas Truce - Hilary Robinson & Martin Impey

9.             Adult Christmas Book::     Mystery In White J Jefferson Farjeon

10.          Christmas Cracker Joke:    What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations? Tinsilitis!

11.          A Christmas Number:        

3 - The number Beatles Christmas number 1's. The band achieved top spot in 1963, 1965 and 1967

12.          An Amazing Christmas Fact:            13,350 tons of glass is thrown away in the UK during the festive season. Recycling all of the glass thrown away could save up to 4,200 tonnes of CO2.

13.          Christmas Character:         Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

14.          Unusual Gifts:      LED Light Stax - 24 Piece Set £24.99 The Gift Experience (Internet) Light Stax are a fun and addictive construction system that are suitable for all ages. Whether you use it as a toy or an executive desk gadget you'll have plenty of fun creating all manner of different light structures.Light Stax building blocks are 100% compatible with classic construction block products of a similar size which really opens up new possibilities when thinking of new construction ideas.One smart bass can supply light to more than 100 Light Stax building blocks on battery power and over a 1000 blocks on USB power!This is a great gift for children and big kids too who are celebrating a birthday, or as a stocking filler at Christmas time.PACK CONTAINS:24 Light Stax blocks 1 x USB Smart Base 1 x USB to DC Cable 3 x AAA Batteries (please note the batteries supplied are for the 'Try Me' function and may need to be replaced before using the product for the first time). NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREM UNDER 3 YEARS OLD

15.          TV AD:  Boots 2013 Christmas Ad Boy giving presents

16.          EWAN'S ADVENT MESSAGE:       Rory was in a thing called a nativity at nursery. He was Joseph.  I was banned from it. I had to stay home and look after grandad. But I saw the film of it on mum’s phone. Mum said he was a star, but he definitely looked like Joseph to me.

17.          GEORGE'S ADVENT MESSAGE:   My mum doesn’t go to work like normal children’s mums, she still goes to school. We went to her school yesterday because it was their nativity play. They play at Jesus being born. Don’t know what that has to do with Christmas. Santa wasn’t in it. My mum s always goes on about how much she had always  wanted to play Mary and they never let her. So I had chance to pull Mary’s hair and so I did, specially for my mum.               

18.          CHRISTMAS ALBUM - CD

                                The Very Best Of Rock Christmas -               

                                1-01 -Queen Thank God It's Christmas   

                                1-02 -Bryan Adams Christmas Time   

                                1-03 -The Plastic Ono Band Happy X-Mas (War Is Over)   

                                1-04 -Band Aid Do They Know It's Christmas?   

                                1-05 -Wham! Last Christmas   

                                1-06 -Chris Rea Driving Home For Christmas (Album Version)   

                                1-07 -Samantha Mumba All I Want For Christmas   

                                1-08 -Ronan Keating Feat. Moira Brennan Fairytale Of New York   

                                1-09 -Paul McCartney Wonderful Christmas Time   

                                1-10 -Orange Blue (2) Feat. Vail Why Do They Feel So Sad On Christmas?   

                                1-11 -98°* This Gift (Christmas Version)   

                                1-12 -S Club 7 Perfect Christmas   

                                1-13 -Luther Vandross Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas   

                                1-14 -All-4-One Frosty The Snowman Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer   

                                1-15 -Boyz II Men Silent Night   

                                1-16 -David Pomeranz Christmas Is The Time Of The Year   

                                1-17 -Child Liners The Gift Of Christmas (Singel Version)   

                                1-18 -Loona Navidad (Christmas)   

                                1-19 -*NSYNC Marry Christmas, Happy Holiday   

                                1-20 -A*Teens Happy New Year (Radio Version)   

                                2-01 -Bing Crosby White Christmas   

                                2-02 -Loona Hijo De La Luna (Sentimiento Mix)   

                                2-03 -R. Kelly Religious Love   

                                2-04 -Frankie Goes To Hollywood The Power Of Love   

                                2-05 -Mahalia Jackson Silent Night, Holy Night   

                                2-06 -Doris Day Winter Wonderland   

                                2-07 -New Kids On The Block Little Drummer Boy   

                                2-08 -Ella Fitzgerald Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer   

                                2-09 -David Pomeranz Christmas Star   

                                2-10 -Vanessa Williams And Bobby Caldwell Baby, It's Cold Outside   

                                2-11 -Cliff Richard Mistletoe And Wine   

                                2-12 -Shakin' Stevens Merry Christmas Everyone   

                                2-13 -Mud Lonely This Christmas   

                                2-14 -David Essex A Winter's Tale   

                                2-15 -Mel* & Kim* Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree   

                                2-16 -Slade Merry X-Mas Everybody   

                                2-17 -Lynyrd Skynyrd Christmas Time Again   

                                2-18 -Elton John Step Into Christmas   

                                2-19 -Prince & The Revolution* Another Lonly Christmas   

                                2-20 -Blink-182 I Won't Be Home For Christmas

19.          A Christmas List:


1843: The postal service played an important role in defining the archetypal Victorian Christmas. Henry Cole launched the first Christmas card with an initial print run of 1,000. The cards originally cost a shilling each, the equivalent of about £36 today. In 2001, an original card sold at an auction for £25,000.


10 January 1840 A uniform postage rate of one penny is introduced  that is 1 old penny which is .42p


The first Christmas design stamps were introduced in December 1966. Here is the cost of sending a Christmas card since that date



May 17, 1965      Sep 15, 1968        4d (1.67p)             3d (1.25p)            


                            1st Class                2nd Class             Introduced Sep 1968


Sep 16, 1968        Feb 14, 1971        5d (2.08)p             4d (1.67p)            

Feb 15, 1971        Mar 5, 1972          3p           2.5p       

Mar 6, 1972          Sep 9, 1973           3p           2.5p       

Sep 10, 1973        Jun 23, 1974         3.5p        3p          

Jun 24, 1974         Mar 16, 1975       4.5p        3.5p       

Mar 17, 1975       Sep 28, 1975        7p           5.5p       


                                60g         60g        

Sep 29, 1975        Jun 12, 1977         8.5p        6.5p       

Jun 13, 1977         Aug 19, 1979        9p           7p          

Aug 20, 1979        Feb 3, 1980           10p         8p          

Feb 4, 1980           Jun 25, 1981         12p         10p        

 Jan 26, 1981        Jan 31, 1982         14p         11.5p     

Feb 1, 1982           Apr 4, 1983           15.5p      12.5p     

Apr 5, 1983           Sep 2, 1984           16p         12.5p     

Sep 3, 1984           Nov 3, 1985          17p         13p        

Nov 4, 1985          Oct 19, 1986         17p         12p        

Oct 20, 1986         Sep 4, 1988           18p         13p        

Sep 5, 1988           Oct 1, 1989           19p         14p        

Oct 2, 1989           Sep 16, 1990        20p         15p        

Sep 17, 1990        Sep 15, 1991        22p         17p        

Sep 16, 1991        Oct 31, 1993         24p         18p        

Nov 1, 1993          Jul 7, 1996            25p         19p        

Jul 8, 1996            Jan 26, 1997         26p         20p        

Jan 27, 1997         Oct 11, 1998         26p         20p        

Oct 12, 1998         Apr 25, 1999        26p         20p        

Apr 26, 1999        Apr 26, 2000        26p         19p        

Apr 27, 2000        Jul 1, 2001            27p         19p        

Jul 2, 2001            Jul 3, 2002            27p         19p        

Jul 4, 2002            May 7, 2003         27p         19p        

May 8, 2003         Mar 31, 2004       28p         20p        

Apr 1, 2004           Apr 6, 2005           28p         21p        

Apr 7, 2005           Apr 2, 2006           30p         21p        

Apr 3, 2006           Aug 20, 2006        32p         23p        

Aug 21, 2006        Apr 1, 2007           32p         23p        

Apr 2, 2007           Apr 6, 2008           34p         24p        

Apr 7, 2008           Apr 5, 2009           36p         27p        

Apr 6, 2009           Apr 5, 2010           39p         30p        

Apr 6, 2010           Apr 3, 2011           41p         32p        

Apr 4, 2011           Apr 29, 2012        46p         36p        

Apr 30, 2012        Mar 30, 2014       60p         50p        

Mar 31, 2014       Mar 29, 2015       62p         53p        

Mar 30, 2015       Mar 28, 2016       63p         54p        

Mar 29, 2016                       64p         55p        

1963: Royal Mail was appointed by Santa to reply to letters addressed to him. In the first year, Royal Mail replied to over 8,000 letters. It was such a success, the Postmaster General, Reginald Bevins - was labelled ‘Santa Bevins’


Since Royal Mail first issued Christmas stamps in 1966, over 17 billion Christmas stamps have been printed in Britain.




When I was a lad at school around 13 years old, our Maths teacher used to call me Wol. At the end of the year as we were moving up a class I plucked up courage to ask why he called me Wol. He told meit was thename of the deslexic owl in Winnie the Pooh. With my Harry Potter glasses he said I looked like the Wise Old Owl in the Winnie the Pooh stories.


Being the vain person I am I took it as a compliment

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